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Weird Eddie is a real person who works in a convenience store. Everything else in this song is fiction.


It's another late night at the Sebum-Lebum store
Weird Eddie at the counter, he looks a little bored
Lights are kinda bright, so much they hurt my eyes
But I won't wear my sunglasses at night
Maybe they do in... Canada (Take off, eh)
You know - the Northern Lights

Even though it's late, there's plenty here to help you wake
At least 10,000 types of caffeine for goodness sake
And Eddie must be blind to not be suitably entranced
By racks and racks of cover models oh-so-pleasingly enhanced
"Men's Interest" - maybe Eddie ain't that kind of guy?

There you are! RUN AWAY!

Oh, the thunder it smells
In fact it stinks and you know it
10 PRINT "Why are there so many songs like this?"
Oh, I guess you'd better be off
Outrunning demons again
10 PRINT "Why are there so many songs like this?"

I don't want no LITTLE cup
I brought a freakin' STEIN
Once it's loaded up with java
I know Salvation's mine
I hadn't figured Eddie - sure, he's a piece of work
But I shoulda paid attention to the subtext in his smirk
"You sold me out, man."

We found you AGAIN! RUN AWAY!

I tried to tell you dear
But you wouldn't believe me
I guess I can't blame you
But when I told you dear
That the Hounds of Hell were on my trail
I meant it lit'rally


from Life Like Luster, released September 27, 2007
Words and music by Shawn Farley.




Half Zaftig Seattle, Washington

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