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The short-sightedness of the average American gives me fits. We don't do long-term planning, we only react when a crisis occurs.

In this song, I vent about these things.

This is co-producer Darin Di Pietro's favorite track on the album. He liked it so much he insisted on spending a bunch of his own money on shooting and editing a video of it for us (findable on Vimeo and YouTube). We said, "OK! Thanks!" He did an incredible job on the video, and on this record as well. We are lucky to call Darin our friend.


The sun is setting
So I'll be getting inside
Block the door with something heavy and wide
What, me worry?
Safe behind my closed blinds
Fifteen stories above your kind

That's fine - we're happy, persuaded
How were we supposed to know?
We don't want to think about tomorrow
We're happy, elated
How were we supposed to know?
Don't ask me to think about tomorrow

Who are you kidding?
That can't happen here
There's no setback, that's a turn of the tide
Get with the program
Keep your statements in line
We can't function if the illusion's undermined

I'm afraid to think about tomorrow

One by one we're waking up
With eyes-a-blearing, Storm has struck
Dug a hole behind the shed
Guess that's where I'll lay my head
(It don't feel right)

Plan your foolproof getaway
Await some new disaster
'Cause understanding's far away
Do good intentions matter?
No better time to get away
Make yourself a place
Right in this here handbasket

Go along to get along


from Life Like Luster, released September 27, 2007
Words and music by Shawn Farley.




Half Zaftig Seattle, Washington

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