Inscrutable You

from by Half Zaftig

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This is my favorite thing I've ever written. I can't tell you why, exactly - probably it's just that I'm so surprised that something like this came out. "Dusty Demonatrix", THAT I get. That sort of thing comes along all the time, but this song?

Charlie Drown takes over lead vocals on the bridge and mops the floor with the place. Charlie kicks ass.


Stretching chains and thumbscrews
All these things I've felt you use
And despite all that, you remain inscrutable you

Day after day I try to greet you
But you never speak, even when spoken to
And as bad as it gets, you remain inscrutable you

I keep lookin' for a crack in your armor
Just something to convince me you feel
You do, don't you?

I'm high on the horse, weights on my shoes
And as much as it hurts, you don't look enthused
You're good at what you do, and
You remain inscrutable you

I'm still searching for a shred of compassion
Just a hint of some humanity
You're somebody's daughter, too

I'm only in'trested in one thing
That's to obey the one who wants your ass in a sling
So don't look at me 'specting sympathy
'Cause it's what you've done that's brought you here
To inscrutable me

I'm resigned to my fate, I'll be here a while
It'd be so much easier if you'd just crack a smile
'Cause the pain is much worse
While you remain inscrutable you


from Life Like Luster, released September 27, 2007
Words and music by Shawn Farley.




Half Zaftig Seattle, Washington

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