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It's songs like this that get me labelled a "prog rocker." I still don't think that description fits, but what do I know?


He's a captain, used to be he'd get your boat safe across the sea
Humiliations follow him
A fallen victim of his maritime whims
Who can know what he has seen?

He's got his bottle, he's got his smokes
Wanders at night, he hacks and chokes
Decked out in starshine

You'd better wait and see
What kind of tricks I've up my sleeve
Did you think the answers would come easy
'Cause now it's getting good
You've been more reckless than you should
It's time to throw it away

You freak, you see Sublimeinal

She was a teacher 'fore she lost face
Kept all her secrets in a hidden place
Then one Friday, it all went wrong
The boy's dad pressed charges when she wouldn't play along
Who can know what she has seen?

It never ends

You freak, you see Sublimeinal

You think you suffer, I might agree
Overreacted a time or three
I can't be silent, not anymore
My lame excuses tired and worn
Look all around you, terrible waste
And what distracts you, a pretty face
So time to buck up, begin today
Take what you know and throw it away


from Life Like Luster, released September 27, 2007
Words and music by Shawn Farley.




Half Zaftig Seattle, Washington

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